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Paruchute is a Dutch innovation company founded by two young professionals, Patrick van Hoof and Ruud Wensink (hence the ‘PaRu’ in Paruchute). After having gained years of experience in the fields of (product) design, innovation, business and government, they took the leap and followed their dream: To work on radical ideas that have the potential to change the world. The company's motto and slogan “down to earth but the sky’s the limit” is of course a

clever jab, since a parachute starts high up in the sky and can only go down once released. However, it also reflects the company's roots in the Dutch culture, as well as their ‘anything-is-possible’ attitude.
Paruchute is 100% committed to creating creative, innovative products that conquer the world as well as to helping its clients do the same.

Often enough we see and use products or services that could be smaller, easier, different or just better. Our core business is therefore to conceive, design, develop and market new products and services. We do this for ourselves as well as for our clients, whether they are individuals, SMEs or multinational corporations. Recent examples include products and services in the beverage, FMCG and humanitarian & development aid

industries, as well as in the digital domain (websites, apps, etc.).

People are creative, imaginative beings! An incredible number of ideas are conceived and developed in the world every day. Some of these will stick and help to create wonderful innovations and great companies. On the other hand, many enthusiastic initiatives fail. Most of the time it has to do with the fact that the concept, design, marketing or all of these

aspects is/are not well suited to the needs and wants of the customer. We assist our fellow innovators, therefore, not only with inventing and developing new products, but also with advice on the entire innovation process. This includes, for example, the preparation of a product launch or the repositioning of company or product.

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